Regal Teak - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest in Regal Teak. Please find below some answers to Frequently asked Questions.

Regal Teak Patio Furniture Product Questions

  1. What Grade of Wood is used in Regal Teak Outdoor Furniture?
    • We use only Grade A Teak Wood which has been kiln dried to a low moisture content
  2. Is the teak wood used sustainably harvested?
    • Yes, the teak wood used in our manufacturing process is procured from Government Controlled Plantations in Indonesia
  3. What is the manufacturing process?
    • Regal Teak products are made in factories using machines (not a cottage industry product). Our products are made precisely using drawings, jigs and fixtures, so that components of our product are interchangeable and replaceable.
  4. What kind of joinery is used in Regal Teak Products?
    • We use Mortise and Tenon joinery with teak dowels in most places.
  5. What materials are used for fittings?
    • Regal Teak uses Solid Brass for most fittings. Certain products may use Stainless Steel fittings for strength. If steel screws need to be used for strength, they are either plated or stainless steel.
  6. Is there a finish of Regal Teak Products?
    • Regal Teak Products are only offered with no finish,  Natural Fine Sanded. Good (Grade A) teak wood does not need a finish. Poor teak wood is sometimes bleached, stained and finished to make it look uniform. If left unfinished Teak Wood will weather to a silvery grey (like driftwood). One can prevent the sun bleaching by applying a finish of teak oil or polyurethane.
  7. Is Assembly required?
    • Most of Regal Teak products (except for folding items) require minimal assembly
    • Products are shipped flat pack assembled - which means the product comes in large sections that have to be put together.
    • Instructions are included in every box.
    • Common tools or materials like a hammer, Phillips or Slotted screw driver may be required. Other tools like Allen Keys are supplied.

Assembly Questions, Missing Parts

  1. What do I do if I have assembly questions?
    • Please call Regal Teak at the contact numbers provided or send an email to . We will be glad to help you.
  2. What do I do if I have missing parts, or some dowels or parts get damaged during assembly?
    • Please call Regal Teak at the contact numbers provided or send an email to . We will be glad to help you. We will send you replacement dowels or missing parts as necessary. Parts some times get thrown away with the packaging. Please be careful and ensure that a small bag of parts and/or dowels is not inadvertently thrown away.

Order, Purchasing, Shipping and Fulfillment

  1. Is there a minimum order, or a minimum starting order to become a Regal Teak Customer?
    • No there is no minimum order requirement both in the beginning and during our ongoing business relationship
  2. Can you drop ship product to our customers?
    • Yes Regal Teak can drop ship product to your customers
  3. Carriers, Shipping and Freight Charges- how do they work?
    • At Regal Teak we prefer to use your choice of carrier for your shipments. You can either provide us with a Bill of Lading or provide your account number for third party billing. If that is not possible, we will add freight costs to your order amount.
  4. How do I pay for product?
    • Regal teak can accept Credit Cards (2.6% fee for Mastercard, Visa and Discover, 3.6% for American Express), check or Wire Transfer for payment.
  5. How do I order product on behalf of my customer?
    • You can order product with a purchase order, or online
    • Regal Teak will confirm receipt of your order by email to the email you provide, or by other methods mutually agreed upon
  6. Can I establish payment terms?
    • Payment terms may be negotiated based on credit history with us and in general.
  7. What is the lead time to fulfill orders?
    • We can commit to a lead time to fulfill your orders
    • Generally the lead time is 5 business days (to account for the busy season between February and August)
  8. Can Regal Teak Expedite Orders?
    • Regal Teak does not offer rush order or express order capability. Our products are bulk products and require time for inspection and packing.
    • We can accommodate rush orders in special cases - please call us and ask if this is possible.

Inventory and communication

  1. Can Regal Teak communicate inventory information on a regular basis?
    • Yes, Regal Teak can communicate product availability. The update frequency is mutually agreed to with the customer
    • Inventory can be updated using your web portal, CSV files or Microsoft Excel files.
  2. If an item is out of stock, how soon will it be replenished?
    • Regal Teak has containers arriving frequently. We cannot commit to an instock date in general, but can inform you as to when a particular item will be back in stock

Returns and Shipping Damage

  1. What if your customer wants to return a product?
    • Please call Regal Teak with the reason for the return and request a Return Materials Authorization
    • The return must be in its original packaging and unassembled
    • Returns are only allowed within 14 days of receipt of the product
  2. What if there is Shipping Damage?
    • Shipping Damage must be reported within 48 hours of receipt.
    • Photographs of the damage must be emailed to with a copy to
    • Regal Teak will assess what is necessary and send out replacement parts and collect the damaged items


  1. What is the warranty on Regal Teak Products?
    • Regal Teak Offers a 5 year warranty - detail can be found here.
  2. How does a retail customer address warranty issues?
    • It is best if the customer register their products at the time of purchase
    • If a customer has not registered their purchase they would need to provide, names of products, date of purchase and place of purchase
    • Photographs of the issue are also required.