Regal Teak - Request A Quote


You can purchase directly from the web site if you wish. To request a quote for items you may be considering for wholesale, trade  - please read below:

  1. You can call us at (978) 258 5651 or email us with your requirements to
  2. You can put all products you want into a wishlist and share the wishlist with us (share with and in the message you can put in the destination address, or at least the zip code. We will get back to you with freight costs and current availability.
  3. Please let us know (if you are new to us) whether you are a Retailer, Drop Ship Customer, Architect, Designer or other - so we can give you our best pricing based on your project or requirements.
  4. Please let us know your payment method as well - Credit Card, Check, Wire Transfer or Terms
  5. Please let us know if project is approved if applicable
  6. Please let us know if you will be issuing a Purchase Order

We will get back to you with a full quote - including cost of freight, delivery time frames and any other charges as applicable.